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Social Networks

Written by Ash (02/07/14 01:23)

Win by just connecting to TRP's 4 networks (Facebook, Twitter, Steam & Youtube)

Great rewards for business owners!

Written by Gemma (23/06/14 21:38)

There are new changes to business openings! Check out the fantastic new reward scheme for opening your property and other additional important information. Let us know what you think of these changes!

New Farmer Job

Written by Jason (07/06/14 19:38)

We have added a new job: Farmer! There are 3 ranks, and you can use combines, burritos and crop dusters to maintain Flint Farm.

New Helpers

Written by Gemma (23/05/14 21:36)

An enormous congratulations to Cake, Jak and J.Milan on being accepted for the TRP Helper Team! Well done guys!

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